Individual Health Insurance

Backed by quality, affordability and thousands of satisfied members, CoventryOne® plans offer a smart choice for individual and family health insurance coverage. CoventryOne® specializes in offering superior coverage with a range of deductibles and coinsurances. When you choose CoventryOne®, you can feel comfortable with the choice you make for the well being of you and your family. If you’re self-employed, between jobs or your employer doesn’t offer insurance, we can help you to select a CoventryOne® option that’s just right for you. With CoventryOne®, members benefit from unmatched plan benefits: Clear, affordable coverage: choose a plan to fit your budget Easy to understand: plans are designed with you in mind Low copays and deductibles No specialist referrals needed Wellness and preventive programs Learn about a CoventryOne® plan that meets you and your family’s needs. Ideal for the self-employed, entrepreneurs, part-timers, students, young children, recent grads, singles, families, or those between jobs, CoventryOne offers several cost-effective policies to meet your individual and family needs. And, you get the strength of Coventry Health Care, Inc. - an established and respected insurance company with a proven track record - so you know your health coverage will be there for you when you need it. Depending on which CoventryOne policy you choose, you'll get coverage for: Preventive care Routine wellness exams Immunizations Hospital care Outpatient care Urgent and emergency care Prescription drugs (including a mail order program) Short-term therapies Bottom line is, CoventryOne has a plan for you! Other features You'll also receive other features that you'd normally expect to have only with employer-sponsored health plans, such as: Password-protected online access to your personal account information through My Online Services Friendly and courteous Customer Service support through a toll-free telephone number Fast and accurate claims payment processing Please check out our Florida Vista Health Insurancesite!

Student Health Insurance

Choosing health care coverage is as much fun as studying for mid-terms. You know you need to do it … but that doesn’t mean you have to like it. We know where you’re coming from. So we’ll cut to the chase. CoventryOne is a smart choice for just about any student who needs insurance. Here’s why: CoventryOne Is Designed To: Be affordable. Not our definition of "affordable"—yours. You can choose from several options that fit into a student’s budget. Fit your needs. Your health insurance needs aren’t the same as a 40- or 50-year-old. So why pay for a plan designed for your parents? CoventryOne has coverage options that are designed for you. Be simple. CoventryOne keeps it real by letting you know what you’re getting up front, in easy-to-understand terms. Black and white beats grey any day. Make your life easier. With CoventryOne, you can see any physician you choose. If you stay in-network, you receive the highest level of benefits and lower out-of-pocket costs. Coverage Students Need There are a lot of reasons students get their own health insurance. You're no longer covered as a dependent under your parent's plan. You're a part-time student and cannot qualify as a dependent under your parent's plan. You want to purchase coverage when you're young and healthy, when premiums are generally lower. You are required by your school to have specific coverage. You Made It This Far . . . You’ve come this far in your search for health care coverage. And just like a mid-term exam, the sooner you finish, the sooner you can get on with the fun things in life. Why not make a smart choice about your insurance right now?

Family Health Insurance

The fact that you’re here says a lot about you. You take your family’s health care coverage seriously. And you’re ready to make an important decision about it. We’d like to help. Comfortable, Affordable Coverage When we designed CoventryOne, we asked families what was important to them when it came to coverage. Chances are, their answers are the same as yours: Affordability CoventryOne offers several cost-effective options so you can choose one that fits your family’s budget. If you select an in-network provider, you’ll also enjoy lower out-of-pocket costs. Simplicity There’s no reason health insurance has to be complicated. CoventryOne proves it. You’ll get fair, up-front descriptions of terms so you know what to expect from day one. Choices You have the freedom to see any physician you like; or, You can choose a provider within the network and receive a higher level of benefits. Premium Coverage CoventryOne is premium coverage that includes the benefits that families want, like: Immunizations Preventive care Hospital and outpatient care Urgent and emergency care Prescription drugs Peace of Mind When you have quality health care coverage for your family, you have one less thing to worry about. CoventryOne can help take one big worry off of your mind. Check an Important "To-Do" Off Your List You know how important it is to have health care coverage for you and your family. Get a quote. Follow through.

Self Employed Health Insurance

Self-Employed Being self-employed has its advantages. It also has its challenges. Like finding affordable, quality health care coverage. You know you can’t afford to go without it. But how do you fit the premiums into your budget? It’s a Catch 22 that nearly all self-employed individuals face. What’s the solution? CoventryOne. Straight-Forward Coverage You Can Count On A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work with health care coverage. You know that better than anyone. That’s why CoventryOne offers several options. You can choose the option that fits your needs—and your paycheck. It’s that simple. What about coverage? CoventryOne is affordable, but it doesn’t mean we scrimped on benefits. You can count on coverage for routine exams, preventive care, hospital, outpatient and emergency care—and that’s just the beginning. CoventryOne is designed to: Fit your needs. Large corporations have access to several plan options. Why shouldn’t you? CoventryOne gives you the choices you want. The coverage you need. Be "comfortable" and uncomplicated. CoventryOne is easy-to-understand coverage. With fair, simple terms, you know what you’re getting up front. Make your life easier. With all CoventryOne plans, you can see any physician you choose. If you stay within the network, you’ll receive the highest level of benefits and you’ll have lower out-of-pocket costs. Get the Coverage You Need CoventryOne is all about you. Your health care coverage needs. Your budget. Your expectations of service. We’ll prove it to you. Get a health insurance quote now!